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Originally posted by NalgeNunc
Hi StarDog,

nice to hear from you after that long time.
I've upgraded to v2.01, nice looking setup gui - even though I prefer storing settings in a file
(Lost things in the registry from time to time).

v2.01 crashes with some mp3 files (CBR - 192kb/s - with strange iTune header)
no matter if the file or the .sfv is uploaded first. Others work fine. Had no problems with .rar either.

Rescan does not work for me. Deleted a file manually not within ioFTPD or hexed some things
out of a previous checked file. ! Now rescanning release... and no crc errors or missing file detected.

Edit: found that ioZS-error.log:
08-26-2004 16:29:33 ERROR: Could not run rescan for release in:

Keep On ... thanks
Have phun!
As for saving the settings, see my suggestion made previously about exporting the keys.
This MP3 file, could you possibly ZIP or RAR it and send it to me to look at. Send it to stardog at gmail dot com please. (Don't know how large of files gmail accepts, I have a gig available! Hopefully it will go through)
I'll test the rescan issue this afternoon...
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