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Question halfway & complete errors

Versions: ioFTPD 5-8-5r | ioBananav20 | eggdrop1.6.15+SSL

only rarely is the complete announce working. and when it is announced,
it would be like -:complete:- ¬548748 544661321 5489 /MP3/0820/release
( those #s are kinda odd )

the logs have this....


unmatched open quote in list
while executing
"lindex $line 2"

[dZS-mod] catched error in '08-24-2004 11:53:33 HALFWAY1: "'
[dZS-mod] catched error in '08-24-2004 11:56:59 COMPLETE-B1: "'

---> has no open quotes, set announce(COMPLETE-B1) "blablabla" (not hard)

and thats my problem
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