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Lightbulb Multi IP balancing

First I want to tell you how impressed I am of the speed and ressource usage of ioFTPd! WOW! GREAT!
I wonder if the registered version can top this (will reg soon)...

Currently I'm using v5.8.4u and I have 3 NICs -> 3 IPs in my server.
I have setup io to use these and it works very well.

BUT I still have a suggestion for the operation of the selection of the IP for the next PASV command
Instead of randomly or round-robin selecting the IP could you implement an algorithm that selects on usage? E.g. count the connections each IP has and choose the one with least connections for next PASV. (Shouldn't be too hard to implement I think)
And to improve this scheme: don't count connections for listings if clients don't use "STAT -l", not to mention the control connection
<- Umh, I just thought about it a second time, you had to wait what client does next after it gets PASV reply to decide if its listing or transfer, so it might not be that good since it consumes don't bother about that too much, first suggestion would be great if you would implement it ->

Thank you!

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