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First of all.. upgrade ioFTPD! Newer versions like 5.8.4u is out for a reason. Duh! And also (for the hell of it) use the latest version of ioA too.

And don't say you done everything correctly, you can't have since it doesn't work for you.

Provide relevant information such as actual lines in ioFTPD.ini (to show exactly HOW you've installed the scripts). Hint: the things you've put under [FTP_Custom_Commands]. What the hell, paste EVERYTHING that you've added (skip the default stuff that is already there) in ioFTPD.ini under:

Double and triple check ioA manual on how to install it. It's crucial that you use correct paths to ioA.exe in ioFTPD.ini. And make sure every path in ioA.cfg is correct!

Finally, show us some actual logs from when you try to run the different commands. ie.
[19:51:49] [L] site search n00b
[19:51:51] [L] 200--[Search]-----------------------------------------------------------------------
[19:51:59] [L] 200- Sorry no matches to your search
[19:51:59] [L] 200---------------------------------------------------------------------------[ioA]-
[19:51:59] [L] 200 Command successful.
And if you use search and it doesn't work, for example if it doesn't show any matches even if you have things on your site that should be a match show the search settings from ioA.cfg.

And make sure everything works from ftp first.. THEN start fooling around with the bot. That's a whole other issue.

Blablabla. You get the point. Relevant information.
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