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hey iam,

there's a few problems with your script request:

1) if a user makes the folder and then a script tries to modify it (by renaming & -> And ...etc) it will fail because the user is still in that folder

2) the only method I could think of was to tell the user that the mkdir failed, then mkdir with the renamed syntax. Like:

MKDIR /apps/My Hate's You!!
550 Command Failed
... then script makes
/apps/My_Hates_You!! in the background

2 problems with this
1) the user won't know that it was created until he lists directory again
2) most ftp clients will tell the user that mkdir has failed and the queue item will have failed, therefore the rest of the files will not be transferred.

The best way to go about this is just deny paths with characters that you want removed or renamed and send the user a message:
"& is not an allowed character"
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