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Default New core (revision 3)

Ok, as most of you know I've been working on non-ioFTPD related project for past 'few' months. While I've been busy with the other project, I've also done some plans (notepad drafts & quick performance tests) for the new io (input output) core.

It took 3rewrites to get it all working, but now I'm confident that I've overcome all the theoretical problems that I had with the fully asynchronous processing line.

Old core used to process everything in certain order. When reading data from ssl encrypted socket, it first called 'read' function. Once read completed, it called ´decryption' function. Finally when decryption completed, it called some other function (to look for linefeeds or so). Because everything is done in linear order, it is very easy to synchronize. 'read' -> 'decrypt' -> 'do something with buffer'

New core incorporates completely new ideology. Order of events is no longer predeterminated. 'read' function may be called at the same time as 'decryption' function is processing buffer returned by previous read call. It's also possible that function that does something with decrypted buffer, is also running while decryption is in progress...

As you can imagine, it is no longer a trivial task to get it synchronized properly. With proper manner I mean, that it is not acceptable for thread to block another for longer than few quantums (quantum = slice of cpu time thread gets from kernel to execute) Because whenever the pipeline stalls, the efficiency drops. Therefore I have tried to figure out a way to make stalls as short as possible, and in many ways I think I have succeeded in this.

I have placed high hopes for the new core. And when it is done, I hope I can say it was worth it. There are no examples of anything alike available - and AFAIK this method has never been done before. When I have the performance figures - and if they are what I expect them to be, I can be sure that it's unique solution.

- Old core: ~160mb/sec cached disk read (to socket)
- New core (rev 2): ~220mb/sec cached disk read (to socket)
- New core (rev 3): Faster than rev 2.
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