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Privacy a policy ? a right ? a priveledge ?

The matter of the fact is, you do not wish to have the mailman read your personal mail, just to see if it is appropiate for your kids to read, before putting it in your mail box. The matter of the fact is, I am alright with him checking where it is from and where it is for. So he can make the appropiate decision. This goes for negotiation between the client and the server, which is the case here. The program needs to validate a key and/or client version. It doesn't read the inside of the envoloppe, it doesn't see what you have uploaded/downloaded and/or which sites you can access. There is what the privacy is about. If you are on the internet, your host address isn't private and has nothing to do with privacy. It is a public host address.

Everybody can stop crapping about something they have no idea about and the mod should just close the thread. The information has been posted several times and even gave some extra confirmation on the case. If you don't like it, stop using it.
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