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FlaxhFXP version 2 may send your sites.dat to (anti-warez group) - (or does it?, it's your call.).

Well Ill take this as being waaaaaaaaaaayyy out of proportions?? right ??
I got it from an 3rd party source, who got it from a 4th and so on and so on

And about the privacy, wheater FFXP calls home or NOT,
Its a matter of how you expresses it.
How can some be offended, by FFXP sends a few data home to make sure youre 100% updated?
Along as it just sends IP, name and key, and verison number, its all fine.
Did those people ever try windows update or any other liveupdate app ?? they would prolly have noticed that all Liveupdaters works the same way.

As for illegal copies of FFXP, why even bother, the program is very cheap and 100% worth the price.

If this is just false rumours spread by warez freaks that just cant make proper cracks, or other FTP developers, that cant compare with FFXP, then there is only 2 things to say
1: Bigstar ROCK ON
2: FlashFXP beats them all

ps guys youre IP is also logged when you posts on the MSGBoard
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