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once again, i disagree with you bjay125. when you place an order for flashfxp, your ip is logged, and even personal information like name is taken. when liveupdate is run (again this happens only if you have registered flashfxp), your ip is of course logged (standard for any web site) and a hash of your key is sent to validate. No other information is ever sent. the term "phoning home" is synonymous with the very illegal practices that Blizzard was attacked for and had to stop. Actually sending extra information about you and your computer (that was not ever volunteered) to their systems. So i DON'T like FlashFXP being labeled as phoning home when it only sends a single piece of information that we generated in the first place and that is useless to anyone packet snooping. The ONLY people that complain about these things are those that continue to use pirated copies, and who in my opinion (because of violating a license agreement) have also lost any privelege of privacy. If it were up to me, i would post every single ip address that has tried to liveupdate with a verified pirated code (there are tens of thousands of them too).
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