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Originally posted by DYN_DaTa

Nah, the problem it's that some childs come to this forum and post some stupid & dumb sthings like "a rumour that blah blah blah" don't have a brain or they don't know how to use it... and if they have one they don't know WHAT is a firewall or a packet sniffer... too lazy, too ignorant and too inmature.
If user used their brain, they instead of just assume something that they think it is, they would have asked, what is a packet sniffer then? So they could learn. Anyway. I am lazy too Just hopefully not acting as immature as they are. (im 25, so I shouldn't be).

I have been using FFXP for a few hours now, and I am happy! up/downloading etc on my sites goes so much better & quicker and cleaner. Error handling is great too. Worth its money.
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