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The only time it automatically checks for a newer version is when you first enter your registration key, Updating to a newer version does not force a LiveUpdate. Also while a LiveUpdate is being performed you see it happening on your screen.

Also, one last thing. You stated that the LiveUpdate sends a Hash of the registration in order to process and update the software, I think this is a bad idea. This then invalidates trial users legitly updating the software they are testing.
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, LiveUpdate is only available in the registered version and is never performed in the trial version.

When a LiveUpdate is performed it's fully disclosed to the user. LiveUpdate is mentioned both in our privacy policy and our license agreement.

We understand that it make take longer than 30-days of trial usage to determine if FlashFXP is right for you, and that is why FlashFXP remains fully functional even after 30-days.
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