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First of all, let me say I AM a registered user.. I bought yer product cause I used it for so long and I believed it was worth the price, but previously I had used copies from questionable sources.. I was pointed to this thread by another thread listed under the public beta testing section and after reading this I feel I must reply.

You say that FlashFXP does NOT call home, that it is merely a function of liveupdate, but in my previous versions I did notice that when you install a new version/key it does contact your server, liveupdate or otherwise, as soon as you run the program. And with my previous version usage it does tell you that you are using an invalid key. There were no warnings that it was performing this update, or that it was "calling home" for any reason. This lead to people finding other ways of getting around this protection scheme, as I'm sure you are aware of, like setting the liveupdate settings to invalid DNS entries, etc.

Now i'm not validating trying to bypass the protection you may or may not have included in your software, like I said, I now legally own my copy. But I couldn't go on reading these threads saying FlashFXP doesn't call home, when obviously it does, and checks registration, wether for legit purposes or not.

Also, one last thing. You stated that the LiveUpdate sends a Hash of the registration in order to process and update the software, I think this is a bad idea. This then invalidates trial users legitly updating the software they are testing.

I purchased your software for the simple fact that I believed it was worth the purchase price. And I can tell you flat out, it took more then 30 days for me to decide that. I used FlashFXP for months, through several different versions, before I finally decided it was indeed worth the purchase.

Just my 2 cents...
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