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Default FlashFXP does not call home

There have been a lot of rumors lately that FlashFXP calls home, reports usage, etc, this is entirely not true. We value your privacy and would never do anything like that. These rumors are completely false. We have the deepest repect for our customers.

For whatever reason these people are trying to make us look bad. These comments have been appearing everywhere, Download sites, message boards, chat rooms. I would be lying to you if I said it wasn't effecting sales, It's hurting our sales, If it continues it may ruin us. We need your support to make it through this.

I would like to make it clear that the registered version offers LiveUpdate which keeps the user up to date on the latest versions. This feature is provided as a benefit to the user. After registration it immediately performs an update to insure you are using the latest version. We release so many versions that it helps us tremendously if the user is using the latest version as soon as they've registered. Downloading and installing the update is completely optional.

LiveUpdate can be disabled, it's totally up to the user whether or not they want to check for newer versions.

When a LiveUpdate is performed no personal information is transmitted. A hash of your registration key is sent to validate that you are in fact using a registered version.

If you're still not satisfied you could always run a packet sniffer, A packet sniffer shows all of the data being sent to/from your machine.

Don't know where to find a packet sniffer, Below are some links.

AnalogX PacketMon

Iris Network Traffic Analyzer


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