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Default ioBv20 shows WIPE activity also 4 hidden dirs.

In ioB v20 the WIPE activity in shown by the bot also if it is made in hidden dirs (setted by denypost).

for example i have a dir called '/0nly_adMin/' where i map all the disks.

i set it in the denypost and it doesn't shows creation of dirs and so on, but when i Wipe a dir using site wipe it is shown by the bot:

<MyBOT> -MyBOT- [WIPE] - Jog/SiTEOPS wiped 0nly_adMin/disk_C/sticazzi 0MB (0F and 1D).

In ioB v19 this doesn't happen!!!

i tryed also to set a denypost_WIPE variable but it doesn't contemplate the WIPE command.
i suppose u had to add all commands in the check of this:

set ioBvar(denypost_MESSAGE) "*/whatever*"

why in ioB v20 u make this modification??

i suppose that ioBv20 isn't able to hide wipe commands only for some areas but only globally, right?
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