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Default Pre issue

I am having a issue when I try to pre. I am using Ioa 1.1.6+.
When I do site pre DVDR TEST I get the following:
site pre DVDR TEST
[L] 200--[Pre]-----------------------------------------------------------------------
[L] 200- Validation complete. OK to pre
[L] 200- ioA: SHmem didn't work. Exiting
[L] 200------------------------------------------------------------------------[ioA]-
[L] 200 Command successful.

The problem is the TEST dir is not created. I have place with it and have gotten it to make the dir in PRE\TEST but I want it in my DVDR dir.

I think part of the problem is my default.vfs file. That is
"c:\ioFTPD\site" /

All section are in the site dir.

Pre section of ioA is
Pre_Area_0 = "DVDR|TEST Releases|c:\ioFTPD\site\DVDR|/|0"
Pre_Group_0 = "TEST|DVDR|/PRE/TEST/*|0|0|ufo"
Pre_Order = 0
Pre_Log = ""%user" "%group" "%type" "%vfs" "%desc" "%.2mb" "%.0files" "%release""
Pre_Touch_Owner = 1
Pre_Give_Credits_To_Uploaders = 1
Pre_Give_Credits_To_Predude = 1
Pre_Run_Script = "c:\ioFTPD\scripts\imdb.exe"
Pre_File_Filter_0 = "*.ioFTPD*"
Pre_Skip_Messagefile = 1

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