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Default some stupid problems

hi guys...
at first yes i read the manual install and changelog but i have still some problems...

can´t find any solution for this...
[UPTIME] + ioFTPd started @ has running, running for ford 0h days,m 0s

if i try site uptime
200-ioFTPd has been running for 0 days, 0 hours, 2 minutes, 8 seconds.

it works fine ;o(

thx to altu, had the wrong iouptime version....

and dzbot doesn´t create imdb dir tagg in the folders...

set disable(IMDBANNOUNCE)	0  ; # announce imdb infos in channel
set disable(IMDBURL)		0  ; # create imdb .url link in dir
set disable(IMDBTAG)		0  ; # create a tag in dir with imdb infos
set disable(IMDBMSG)		0  ; # create file(s) with imdb infos stored in dir

# setup here the filenames you want imdb infos stored in dir
set IMDBMSG_MSG ".ioFTPD.IMDB imdb.nfo"

# setup the IMDBTAG "dir" or "file"
set IMDBTAG "dir"
this is enough for today, hope enybody can help me ;o)

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