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Default nRsfv

I used this script on Raiden and it was pretty nice. Just went to try it on io for the first time today and for some reason it doesn't seem to work. I even tried with brand-new ioftpd.ini with only this one script added. Sfv's and files upload but no dir tags get made or .message files etc. It's hard to know what's wrong here because there's no errors printed in /logs nor in the script dir itself.

I did notice the readme says:
3) Make sure the following files are in the same folder as nrsfv.exe:
chmod.exe nrsfv.ini comments.nrsfv
Well chmod.exe wasn't included in this pkg, not sure if that is a problem for io or if the readme is refering to raiden only there. Other than that I'm about out of ideas...

You can get nRsfv at , along with some other useful scripts.
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