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Originally Posted by Mr_X
I tried to schedule backup but it always fail and I don't know why because it worked fine with SITE command. I spent lots of time to search from where it comes without success.
I don't have so much time these days to investigate, i have nearly all days 8AM->6PM during the week + works for school.
I can restart working on it at the beginning of february when my exams will be done.

You wanted to schedule this.
I can make something to schedule but not with ioFTPD schedule (don't work very good as I said): my own that will stay in memory (and maybe one that will be installable as a service also).

I could also make another version that will be included in Service (all in one)

About copying userfile, I don't think it's possible to do while io is running because it locks these files. You have to stop ioFTPD and decompress user files.
Perhaps I'm wrong, but in this case, tell me.
i can copy it and replace it with no problem.It's ioshared remember
I can do this without stopping the servers.Eventually i do a restart anyway just to make sure it works
Would only be cool if a script or programm does for onece a day or so
No that it is so often that i get this error but better to make sure
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