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Nope, still the same i'm afraid

[R] site backup
[R] 200-Det g‟r inte att hitta filen. <-- can't find file
[R] 200-Det g‟r inte att hitta s”kv„gen. <-- can't find path
[R] 200 Command successful.

@echo off
set RARPATH=..\scripts
if not exist %RARPATH%\rar.exe goto rarnotexist
if %2==FTP goto FTPT
if %2==ftp goto FTPT
if %6.==. goto usage
goto paramok
if %7.==. goto usage

REM Make the script running in background. Delete previous line
REM if you want to see FTP session or network drive copying
cd ..
if not exist .\system\ioFTPD.exe goto updir
rd /s /q backup
md backup\etc
cd backup
md users
md groups
md ini
copy ..\etc\*.* .\etc >nul
copy ..\users\*.* .\users >nul
copy ..\groups\*.* .\groups >nul
copy ..\system\*.ini .\ini >nul
%RARPATH%\rar.exe a -s -inul -hp%6 %1.rar etc
%RARPATH%\rar.exe a -s -inul -hp%6 %1.rar users
%RARPATH%\rar.exe a -s -inul -hp%6 %1.rar groups
%RARPATH%\rar.exe a -s -inul -hp%6 %1.rar ini
if %2==SMB goto NetDrive
if %2==smb goto NetDrive
if %2==FTP goto ViaFTP
if %2==ftp goto ViaFTP
goto usage
echo open %3 %4>script.txt
echo %5 >>script.txt
echo %6 >>script.txt
echo cd %7 >> script.txt
echo del %1.rar >>script.txt
echo put %1.rar >>script.txt
echo bye >>script.txt
%windir%\system32\ftp.exe -s:script.txt
goto end
net use %NETWORKDRIVE% %3 %6 /user:%5
net use %NETWORKDRIVE% %3 "" /user:%5
copy %1.rar %NETWORKDRIVE%
net use %NETWORKDRIVE% /delete /yes
goto end
if %1.==. goto notfirst
echo Parameters: SMB/FTP WhereToSend [Port] Login Pass Directory
goto cont
echo Usage: %0 FTPName SMB/FTP WhereToSend Port Login Pass Directory
echo FTPName Archive will have this name (pay attention, old one will be deleted)
echo SMB/FTP Send the file via a network drive (SMB) or FTP
echo WhereToSend Address where to send backup
echo if using SMB use \\adresse\share
echo Port Port of the FTP even if it's 21.
echo Don't give it if sending via network drive
echo Login Login of the FTP
echo Pass FTP and archive password
echo Directory Where to put archive (do not put any '/' or '\' at the begining)
goto end
echo Edit this script's second line and set RARPATH (directory where is rar.exe)
if exist .\system\ioFTPD.exe rd /s /q backup

backup = EXEC ..\scripts\backup.bat testar FTP 5678 djrob password PRIVAT
(trying local ftp now)
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