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hum... this code works, but it's the same problem as before. With those lines, the egg announce only the 3 directories (that I wrote on the tcl file). i want the bot to announce on the chan directories I had created or I will create in ioftpd's home directory.

Thus, if I'd like to change sections on the server, I needn't modify dzsbot.tcl or orther tcl file.

hmmm I give you another example :

In homedir, I create 1 dir : "DIR1"
so, when I type "!sections" on irc, eggdrop announce on channel : "Sections Are : DIR1"

Then, I create a seconde dir : "DIR2"
consequently, when I type "!sections", eggdrop announce : "Sections Are : DIR1 DIR2"

I create a third dir : "DIR3"
and when I type "!sections", the bot answers : "Sections Are : DIR1 DIR2 DIR3"

Whether I delete one of directory, for example DIR1, egg says : "Sections Are : DIR2 DIR3"

etc etc etc

But I just want "!sections" command write on irc directories located in ioftpd's HOME DIRECTORY, not others dir inside

I hope that you understand what I try to explain ^^

and thx for your help
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