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I too am desperate for this kind of IRC script, though more safely implemented (read on) and there have been tons of requests for this kind of script. There is a script in the script section that allows someone to log in with their IRC nick. Here's my idea of the best way to implement a "user is in channel" control. Instead of adding a user from IRC with that user's nick on join, add his IP to the allowed IP's in one or more user files. On part would do the same thing in reverse and if he is logged in, his CID would be killed, with hour delay to account for netsplits. Users that were using virtual hosts on IRC could msg the bot with their correct IP, so the bot could allow a connection from that IP until that virtual host left the channel. I think this would be simple, and secure, and a godsend to those who want to share their FTP info on IRC, and in their home channel, but don't want it passed around.
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