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Default Problem with incomplete symlinks ...

I have my vfs file like this:

"D:\temp\" /
"F:\temp\" /DivX-XviD

And in map D:\temp\ are folders MP3 and PC-GAMES
And in f:\temp\ is no folder so i have it done like this
"F:\temp\" /DivX-XviD

So on / is visible the map DivX-XviD and it has content of f:\temp\
... but the problem is all the incomplete symlinks work fine on root ( map MP3 and PC-GAMES ), but on the XviD-DivX there is no symlink for incomplete releases and i don`t know why? Is my .vfs file screwing something or what could it be wrong?

And yes there exists some incomplete releases on DivX-XviD

Thanx for your time.
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