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I'm transferring in binary mode, and it happens to me with almost all sites, but also with p2p programs. The strange thing is that downloads are always ok, only uploads become corrupted.
I'm sure the local file is ok because it's compressed and I can test it, also I'm using sfv files. I have tryied with different files and different sites.
I have downloades one of those files corrupted uploaded by me, and I have compared them to the original with UltraEdit32. I have checked that at the middle of the file the is a part that is "missing". It's like if one datagram had lost and also syncronization. In consecuence I get a file smaller file than the original.
I'm using the "send noops during transfer" and "enable anti iddle" during transfers, but I think it's not the cause.

I use a DHCP server, so everytime I connect, the networking parameters are configured automatically. I haven't changed them.
I don't know how to get the status log or what status do you refer to (flashfxp log or XP log?)

Thank you very much 4 helpping
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