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Default ioBanana.20.pre1

test comp specs:
P4 2.8Ghz 800Mhz FSB 1MB L2 Cache Prescott w/HT
1GB 400Mhz DDR in Dual Channel Mode
2 SATA-150 hdd's in RAID-0 config running OS
1 SATA-150 hdd running site

test load:
1 sitebot
1 uploader
1 admin idler

test irc config:
Windrop with direct connection to ircd.

test result in partyline:
bw123: request processed in 0 seconds for PopWeasel

test result in chan:
[BANDWIDTH] - Up: 1 at 555.0KB/s - Dn: 0 at 0.0KB/s - Total: 1 at 555.0KB/s.

test comments:
It actually took abt 1 second to respond in chan.
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