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Default Add options to auto shutdown/ dont aut shutdown the PC?!!!

one of the great things flashfxp can do is to shutdown the PC when the transfer is complete. So i can go to bed flashfxp shutdown the pc after 3 hours so my pc lives longer and it cost me less money for energy and noise etc.

now i do have a problem if i startup my pc the next day and start an other transfer. ofcourse a lot of ppl didn't remeber what options where turned on/off in flashfxp so they think ah it works again and they also start up some other programs.

Suddenly after 2 hours and nice working the transfer completed the pc restarts/shutsdown and the nice thinks you just made are gone.

So wouldn't it be handy to add an extra option
(just like this one in flashfxp: Options -> when file exist -> on ask wait xx seconds then do X)

to add this so i do get a warning and if i dont react it will shutdown in x minutes etc or if i do react it keeps running!! ....

maybe the maker can add this option to this great program!

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