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Default files deleting out of itself only on my account

files deleting out of itself only on my account
so it isn't that thing from the kb.
But the strange thing is each file i upload in a certain folder it get's deleted. but the others don't.
Is this due i have more than 1TB transferred?
Or due vfs system?
But it worked before(v19) the upgrade to rc1 and rc2.
i have now rc2 running.
I have looked to the readme and the ini but I really didn't saw any setup changes or did i overlooked?
Cause i only overwrite iobanana.exe from rc1 to rc2
I also have a problem with sfv's i have the old setting from v19 Overwrite = *.nfo !*
Overwrite = *.sfv !*
To prevent second announce of the second racer etc.
also connecting to the ftp takes longer and it stops at the password.
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