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Most of us are reporting the bugs here.

Is there anywhere else you want the bugs reported or porting here is fine.

Anyway. Still enjoying the testing.

Found that at least with this new version i dont have to ponce about to much and its up and running,

Most of the changes take 20mins tops pre6 took a little longer but it at least keeps me fresh with the new releases.

Anyway Keep up the good work. The new releases have something new in them look forward to the next.

Posted this bug: HALFWAY - RequestE:Request//RequestRequest" is halfway. Leading uploader: /RequestRequest"//RequestE:Request" [/RequestE:Request"M//Request"E:Request"F//Requeststequest"%//Requestuest"KB/s].
Edit: already answered in another thread from you

Not sure if its a bug or just a user error ;p
Edit: pilot error of course

Just one other thing ioA have released 1.1.7. which i've not tested yet. Anyone tried it with the new pre7 of ioBanana. Any problems etc.


Edit: added some comments and fixes typos in version numbers.
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