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You're fed up, really ? Guess what, I am fed up with ppl complaining and crying all the time (when it's not insulting or threatening). "Why ?", you will probably ask. Because they can't read.

I'll write it again: v20 is still NOT for any user but beta testers.
There is a version of ioBanana available that has NO timebomb and all major problems you may encounter with v19 have a fix in these forums.
YOU have CHOSEN to be a beta tester (not that i have noticed it), you have consequently accepted the timebombs and anything else that goes with them.

You don't have alot of time ? You have alot of other reasons not to use betas ? Then.. Why are you using them ?
Have I removed v19 from the foundation area ? I don't think so. I have never forced anyone to test and debug with me (in case you haven't noticed it yet, this is the ONLY reason why there are timebombed releases available), and I never will.

Your attitude is exactly what I wanted to avoid with those warnings. Maybe they aren't big enough...
And the timebombs are there so the only users who dare using beta/rc/pre releases actually WANT to beta test, take risks with some major bug(s), etc.
YOU had the choice, you made the wrong one. Stop blaming me for that.

As I'm writing, 83 ppl have downloaded pre6 and so far there are less than 15 ppl who have actually understood (read ?) the warnings. Just so you know, those 15 aren't all beta testers, there's one guy who is still using v19 and he seems to be happy.
I want to thank those 15 (you know who you are) and especially the one I talked to when i was like "Been there, done that.. Boring.." a few days ago.

PS: you don't pay for ioBanana.
Btw, don't take this as a personal attack, it's directed to everyone in your case.
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