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I’m rally fed up with this ioBanana Timebomb shit… Even if this is to make ppl update the script as often as new releases are released which in a way is a good thing, this really creates a big problems when not having a lot of time + a lot of other reasons…
I really disagree with the way this is forced upon the ppl that like / & also would like to use ioBanana…

What this “Timebomb” does is making it impossible to login to the server when it detonates... & when having such a short interval between updates & having the same interval on the dam timebombs it really messes up my server… (in the sense that ppl cant login).

Is this a script that I ever could consider paying for (Foundation license)? I think not…

If this ioBanana script continues to use this timebombs, then could Mr. Harm at least please make this intervals until the timebomb detonates a bit longer… not just a few days… but at least 3 – 4 weeks.

//Jojje, Really fed up with IoBanana at the moment.
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