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I did a rescan of a dir in debug mode... maybe this helps (?)
[R] 200-====================
[R] 200-# of arguments: 2
[R] 200-[0]=..\scripts\ioBanana.exe
[R] 200-[1]=rescan
[R] 200-====================
[R] 200-Value found...
[R] 200-c:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioBanana-text
[R] 200-Computed CRC: 1C323E0E - File size: 1233820 bytes - filename: h:\_ioFTPD_upload\SOMEDIR\\01-FILE.mp3
[R] 200-01-FILE.mp3 OK!
[R] 200-Computed CRC: 5F885B47 - File size: 1233820 bytes - filename: h:\_ioFTPD_upload\SOMEDIR\\02-FILE.mp3
[R] 200-02-FILE.mp3 OK!
[R] 200-Computed CRC: 7ED0ACB3 - File size: 1233820 bytes - filename: h:\_ioFTPD_upload\SOMEDIR\\03-FILE.mp3
[R] 200-03-FILE.mp3 OK!
[R] 200-Value found...
[R] 200-c:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioBanana-text
[R] 200-Empty value found...
[R] 200-
[R] 200-Found=2
[R] 200-argv[0]=c:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioBanana-text
[R] 200-argv[1]=(null)
I noticed the 2 slashes... but am not sure what causes them .... I have to kill the ioB process after the last line, since it takes 100% CPU power....
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