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Thx jeza

mh i tried also 1.6.16 but same error....i don't know what to's strange...
Like this it's Working

set FiSH(key) ""
set FiSH(header) ""

Jeza, you think is it possible to compiled stats ?

Like this :

<******> [QUOTA] ALLSITE TOTAL/ind Upped 0.0/3072 MB

<******> [QUOTA] P.MOViES user/ind Upped 600/3072 MB
<******> [QUOTA] P.0DAY user/ind Upped 200/2048 MB
<******> [QUOTA] P.MP3 user/ind Upped 400/1024 MB
<******> [QUOTA] ALLSITE user/ind Upped 1200/6144 MB
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