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Default The skiplist :: part 2

Hey there, when i am using the skiplist, it would be perfect if flashfxp does the following thing:

current way of uploading:
process each item in the queue from top to bottom

new way of uploading
search through the entire queue list (to assemble the entire list @ once). Filter the skiplist over it, and then you have the remaining files to be uploaded.

This saves a lot of time because flashfxp does not have to do so much directory switching at the remote site.

Maybe an idea?

hmm... After browsing the board i saw this reply by "MxxCon" on the thread "Improper Queue Time Estimation".
...there would be 2 issues if such method is implemented.
1. delay before actual transfer start. and with many dirs/subdirs that can be a very long time...
2. after indexing those dirs flashfxp won't know about newly added files...
Maybe still a sollution can be found for my problem. If it is solved as i have in my mind, transfers would be completed much much faster.
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