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Default Php_Psio sets long filenames to .missing


Im using php_Psio, ioA and dZSBot.

When uploading a file over around 30 signs php_Psio always sets it as .missing even though the file is correct. It seems that php_Psio has problems with long filenames cause it only occurs when the file is over around 30 signs long.

Are there any workaround this problem cause sometimes im getting files with really long filenames and i dont want php_Psio to rename them as .missing.

For example: 01-tha_eastsidaz_ft_nate_dogg_and_ricky_harris-lets_go_ft._nate_dogg_and_ricky_harris-nmz.mp3
is set to be a .missing file even though its in the SFV file.

Hope u can help me out and get a workaround this longfilename issue.

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