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Default Nuke and Wipe error with ioA 1.0.13+

i get the following two errors.
on wipe:
Could not find directory to wipe
on nuke:
Unable to find directory to nuke
I used already the search function and i tried to figure out the error by the debug function.
It seems the ioA nukes the folder, but it doesn't remove credits and it doesn't change the name of the directory.
05-29-2004 01:45:22 ioA             - 1.1.3
05-29-2004 01:45:22 NUKE            - nuke: test
05-29-2004 01:45:22 NUKE            - multi: 5
05-29-2004 01:45:22 NUKE            - reason: test
05-29-2004 01:45:22 NUKE            - oldpath: \test
05-29-2004 01:45:22 NUKE            - newpath: \[Nuked]-test
Where are new Folders logged, so that ioA may find them?
All settings seem to be ok.

No_Wipe_Path_0			= /_pre
No_Wipe_Path_1			= /

Wipe_Not_Permitted 		= " Not allowed to wipe from here"
Wipe_Dir_Not_Found 		= " Could not find directory to wipe"
Wipe_Critical_Error 		= " Critical error. Did anyone else wipe directory at same time?\n Aborting to be safe"
Wipe_Resultmessage 		= " Wiped: %.0dirs dirs, %.0files files, %.2mbMB"

Wipe_File_Filter_0		= .*

Wipe_Log			= ""%vfs/%release" "%user" "%group" "%.0dirs" "%.0files" "%.0mb""
Wipe_Logfile			= c:\ioftpd\scripts\ioA\ioA.wipe.log
TIA for your help.
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