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Default iobanana 20 rc1 config help

I'm sure it's a configuration issue but was wondering if anyone had any idea's where I might look to fix my problem.

The new script is great. However, I can't figure out why none of the siteop commands are being announced in siteop channel. The commands like adding users, changing users, and more. None of them are announced in channel. I've checked over and over the iobanana.tcl file and verified the correct path to where the SysOp.log and Error.log are located but still no go on announcing. As a matter of fact, I don't get the message "received sysop_log" in sitebot window. Funny thing is I have two sites and both have same dir structure and 1 site is working fine and the other site isn't. Ive checked the paths 1000 times.. what could be wrong?

Any advice would be great!

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