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Default Correct nick dont show up on !requests


Im using dSZbot, php_Psio and ioA and everything works fine. Its just one question about !requests.

When i add a request with !reqadd blabla it gets added fine and i see my nick in the !requests list. The thing is that when any other user adds a request its still my nick that shows up when we do a !requests. Shouldnt it be there nicks instead of just mine all the time?

Cause when they (any user but me) add a request with !reqadd it replies with there nick but it doesnt get stored in the !requests list. I guess it has something to do with

Request_IRC_Uid			= 0
Request_IRC_Gid			= 0
Where im 0 in ioFTPD userlist but is there a workaround so we can add requests in irc and still get the correct nick to show up in !requests instead of just mine?

Hope u can help me on this one and thanks for a great script!

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