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Default I miss !vfs:del bad reasons why they are removed

The following steps show off behaviour:

1-create a dir in io -> io creates the .ioFTPD file in this dir
2-delete the dir using an external program e,g, explorer -> io does NOT update itself (probably it is still in the cache) unles sit gets stopped and restarted. Meaning there is no easy way to delete a symlink.

1-Suppose I have a dir in which an .ioFTPD exists. If I

Now I know I can handle all this stuff by interfacing with io on a deeper level but I find that actually a bad thing to do. The ease with which a dir was deleted was a lot better, just send !vfs:del via the console and io took care of it by itself.

So what other easy way exists to let io simply delete update it's internal sctructures with as little as possible programming?
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