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Make that in tcl, and map it to [pre] RETR, and you're in business:
filesize = file size of RETR-argument (or PWD + RETR-argument)
if current_section.credits >= filesize: return
loop on all sections:
  if section.credits >= filesize:
    section.credits -= filesize
    current_section.credits += filesize
Originally Posted by Paladium
I agree
currently we are able to seperate credits sections where we can put diffenrent ratio on it.
but why would we want to seperate the credits per section.
putting a 3rd section setting isn't needed but a solution like this would fit:
a option to not use credits per section but to use global credits and at the same time beeing able to use different ratio on the different sections
Gloabl Credits = (Section 0) x (Ratio Section 0) + (Section 1) x (Ratio Section 1)....
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