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The script is working perfectly for my needs now. I thought of another way to expand its flexibility but perhaps it would only make it more complicated and I like it how it is now. Well if you want to know the idea I had, it was to allow exemptions based on user/group/flag. Perhaps useful for certain users who are not up to speed with certain things and just want to send you a file (friends, family, etc..). But like I said, the script is working perfect for my needs now so it would be totally up to you if you want to implement that extra feature, I only thought of it now that the script is done and working so nicely.

btw, I changed the 2 output msg areas of the script slightly and only post here because I think you may like it as well

iputs -noprefix "553-,-\(NoExt\)---------------------------------------,"
iputs -noprefix "553-| No extension found, file not allowed.         |"
iputs -noprefix "553 '------------------------------------\[ForceSFV\]-'"
iputs -noprefix "553-,-\(NoSFV\)---------------------------------------,"
iputs -noprefix "553-| You must upload the SFV first.                |"
iputs -noprefix "553 '------------------------------------\[ForceSFV\]-'"
...this shows the script name + an abreviated reason for the denied upload in the outline of the msg for both denied reasons.

I'll let you know if I notice any strange behavior from the script as I'll be using it for sure. Thanks again for your work in creating it.
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