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Wow NeoXed, it looks very nice. The only thing I can see wrong at first glance is this part, it looks like a small typo:

### No Extention
# - Block files with no extension?
# - 1 = Allow / 1 = Disallow must be 0.. Also, could we change the wording there so instead of Allow/Disallow which is confusing because users might not be sure if that means Allow/Disallow setting (Allow meaning block files with no sfv) or Allow/Disallow files (Allow meaning allow files with no sfv). Maybe Enable/Disable would be clearer or even an
#Enable = block files with no sfv
..small explanation to clarify.

I love how you outlined the "upload denied" msg to will be very clear to them why their upload was denied. I can't wait to try this.
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