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Yes, I'm interested in a script which will block uploads until there is an .sfv in the dir. But it must also have in the config file a setting where siteops could specify which file extensions to allow to be uploaded without any .sfv first. Your example of
set sfv_force_ignore "log txt jpg"
..would work perfectly.
As for your question of what if a file has no file extension, should it be allowed or blocked - I think it should be blocked, as the only files I can think of that have no extension are *nix style files (like README) which are easy enough for anyone to turn into win32 style by adding .txt to (or .msg or whatever). If it's not an ascii file and has no extension they could always .zip compress it since .zip would be on the sfv_force_ignore line for 0day stuff anyways.. If you or anybody else thinks of a use for a file with no extension maybe it can be allowed. Better yet, that could be an option in the config like such:
#Allow files with no extension when no sfv.
set allow_no_extension 0/1
hehe, not sure if that made sense technically but u get the idea.
And I don't have a Requests dir..I'm using site request from ioA for that.
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