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If I understand you correctly, you want a setting to be able to ignore certain extensions and check for the sfv if the file extention is not in the ignore list?
For example:

set sfv_force_ignore "log txt jpg"
And check all file extensions except those listed in "sfv_force_ignore"? If no extension is found on the file, would you like it blocked or allowed?

I as well do the same thing, if I can't dcc them a file I put it on the FTP and tell them to grab it there. Except, I upload things like that to /Requests/ where I don't have NFO/SFV forcing.

What about just removing the force checks on the /Requests/ directory or a sub-directory in /Requests/ for this purpose. On other FTPs, I've just seen a "/Requests/NoCheck/" directory used as a "dropbox" for various files.

These are just a few alternative solutions, if you're interested in that script, let me know.
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