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That would be awesome if you could. The thing is, I do use ioBanana but I have a need for file extension based uploads blocking as opposed to dir name based uploads blocking, which is what ioBanana does. On IRC, occasionally people need to send me things like long irc logs (more text than they could send without flooding off in other words) or this or that file. Some ppl can't dcc send because they're behind a router that doesn't handle dcc cmds properly. So FTP transfer is the best way. Right now I'd either need to have them make an .sfv for their .log file (dumb imo) or tell them to make a dir called /covers/ or /sample/ and upload into there (also dumb imo for this situation).

If we had a file extension based uploads blocker, we could just set certain file extensions as exempt like log,txt,jpg,etc...

Also, something else that is nice is having a helpful msg when an upload is denied because a user hasn't uploaded an .sfv yet.

ioBanana-ioFTPD msg:
553 You must upload the .sfv file first.

isSFV-RaidenFTPD msg:
426-Upload sfv first.
426 Upload denied by external policy.

Something like that..
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