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Default ForceSFV - Block uploads until .sfv is uploaded

I looked for an answer to this but didn't find anything. I would like to have the function of blocking files uploaded in dirs until the .sfv is upped, based on file extensions. So you could also have exempt file extensions. There was a script for Raiden that did this perfectly called isSFV by mr_F but it's not ported to ioFTPD.
Here is the .ini file contents for isSFV to give you an idea of what I'm talking about:
#seperate each entry by a comma in this file
#ie: block=FLT,DEViANCE (yeah right hey :P)
# note: if the block key is empty all files will be banned
# it is set to an impossible filename so that nothing is blocked
# once you enter your own values in this key you can delete what i wrote there
raiden_path=C:\Program Files\RaidenFTPd
exclude_path=C:\Program Files\RaidenFTPD\FTPROOT\nrsfvtestserver\un
;end_ini ## this line is necessary, do not remove!!
So I guess I'm asking:
1. Is there a script like this for ioFTPD that will block files based on file extensions?
2. Will mr_F port isSFV to ioFTPD?
3. Will somebody else make one that will do this?

If you're interested in taking a look at isSFV, you can find it at
Thx for your help.
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