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Default New hardware

I'm fairly impressed with the performance of my new rig. Every single test that utilizes more than one cpu, shows performance gains over 250%. However, I'm even more impressed how much noise it makes.

Single cpu fan on default speed, makes twice as much noise as my previous computer did. Two of them operating at the same time, is like having opera hall nextdoors. I wonder who said, that retail intel coolers are queit... i've yet to see one (and I've had p2, p3, p4 and now xeons)

Ok.. that was easy to fix; I bought cpu fan speed adujster... I booted up the computer, and silence last for ~2mins. Then the PSU fan came into play... it sounds nearly as loud as both cpu fans combined with full rpm. If I pay frickking 160euros for PSU, and it's advertised to have silent fan - I damn sure expect it to have one. But noooo... this fan makes sound so loud, that I can hear it from another room, when door is closed. Was it tested by mute? Perhaps someone forgot to turn power on?

You have no idea, how frustrated I am.. I've already spent nearly as much on this hardware, than what my other four computers are worth. Hopefully I can get all resolved, by buying new heatsinks (swiftech, ~60e + 15e fan for each cpu) and demanding the shop I ordered PSU from, to deliver me PSU with silent fan as promised in their advertisement (wheter it costs them, I don't care.. what I care is, that they learn to do their homework & remove false advertisements)

Time to put ear plugs on & start reading x800 reviews.
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