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Default [REQ] On the Fly Archiving Script

Ok, some unix-based sites I have been on has had the ability to archive and send a selected directory on the fly, you send "RETR" for example, and the server will send you a file with the folder 'foldername' all zipped up.

Or as one site puts it in one of their welcome-messages:

It is also possible to tar and eventually compress or gzip a
directory structure by adding .tar, .tar.Z or .tar.gz to the directory-name.
For example, the directory structure (including the files) under
/pub/gnu/gimp can be retrived as a single tar file using the command
'get gimp.tar' (obviously you'll have to 'cd /pub/gnu/' first).
If you you want a compressed tar file, simply use 'get gimp.tar.Z'
What would the easiest way to accomplish this with ioFTPD?
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