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just to let ppl know i am still alive i post here the changelog of the latest project-zs beta:

Changelog Project-ZS

+ added 2 new options (for vbr support):
-> #define audio_vbr "%w %Y VBR %i %I"
-> #define audio_cbr "%w %Y %XKbps"
+ added new options for IMDB (yup, pzs now searches imdb for infos about the movie!)
-> #define use_build_in_imdb_functions TRUE
-> #define imdb_bar "[IMDB] - Year %Y - Rating %R with %V votes - [IMDB]"
-> #define imdb_message -> this is the template for the imdb message file which is included in the .message
+ added vbr support
+ nocheck dirs now work fully!
+ some zip issues fixed
+ some other things changed/fixed i cant remember yet
+ new installer added ... works now with borland ... but be sure to check ur .ini after using installer. it may screw up ur ini in [events] section
+ .ioftpd.nfo isn't anymore created
+ better perfomance while checking for nfo
+ better routine for finding and deleting incomplete links
+ rewrote functions for finding and deleting incomplete links -> more stable and more speed
+ rewrote functions for checking for nfo -> more speed and more stable
+ removed the creation of .ioftpd.nfo file
+ rewrote many functions completly, code is now compileable with win32 compiler (VS 6 / Bloodsheed Dev-C++ are tested only)
+ added new option for use of unzip functions(now no exsternal .zip needed)
-> I_Want_Zip_Unzip_Functions = TRUE
-> if u disable this function zip/unzip code won't be included ---> faster/smaller code
+ added a new output option for complete message
-> added option: "2"
-> this option puts otu all users / groups in ONE line ... try it out and ya see what i mean
+ only one file is now written for each CD / Disk
+ added 2 new options for the style of the progressbar. be sure not to use forbidden chars there!
-> progressmeter_filled_char '#'
-> progressmeter_missing_char '-'
+ rewrote the config file a little bit for better reading
+ rewrote many code lines for improved speed!
+ rewrote postdel. its now compileable with win32 compiler too.

- removed 2 options: binary_unzip, binary_zip
-> not needed anymore. zip functions are included!
- removed the zip.exe and unzip.exe from project-zs
-> unzip/zip functions are now included directly into source code
-> much much much much faster code (thx |harm| and RAMRAM for tipps and support)

* fixed the bug when a file is uploaded without a extension
* fixed stackdumps -> caused by reading/writing of same files at same time
* fixed a small bug which caused that a complete / incomplete bar got not deleted
* fixed some small bugs where dirlength wasn't calculated right
* fixed a bug which deleted all files if they were uploaded before sfv
* fixed the postdel ... should now work without any errors (at least i didn't find one)
* fixed the bug, that slowest file was evrytime 0
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