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OH MY...

My DEEPEST sympaties and condolences caladan

Heartbreaking to see the pix of your beautiful little angel and know that she's gone..

Got 2 daughters of my own , can't imagine how i would feel to loose one

Hopefully you and your wife will eventually get pass the sorrow and go on with your life's

May the Lord have mercy on u and your wife for this tragic loss

pass on my sympaties and condolences to your wife

R.I.P. Little Angel

Maybe one day u will see your Angel again and hold her in your arms.....

(who knows what happends when we pass over to the other side)

Got tears in my eye.. Cal

no one should outlive their child , again i'm so SORRY for your loss

hang in there m8 and take care of your wife and may u 2 have a beautiful memorial of your Little Angel..

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