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Cheers Cal...
Difficult, I'm sure... Lost many ppl near me too couple of years ago. Always difficult.
Time should help some... Never will the pain be entirely gone, but remembering the good moments with her will stay forever, I'm sure.
Maybe you'll see her again someday, depending on what u believe in... Maybe u'll see her again someday, even if u don't believe in that shit... who knows how all this dying thing really works......
Life... eh...

May I suggest taking time to be with Miss Caladan ... I'm sure she needs u more than the kids who are asking for help in #ioftpd......

Oh, and about the $, I'm sure nobody would object that some of the scripters pool money would be donated for that. Maybe choose some Fundation you or your wife like or something... It's better than flowers if u ask me, but that's just me.

Good luck.
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