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some words for all with childs here ... and few words for the ppl waiting for a new version of pzs:

on last thursday my little child fall from our window in the 4th floor(14m) and died on friday. that's no joke and no fake.

germans can read news for example here: and look for: "KIND AUS 4.STOCK GEFALLEN "

be sure to keep an eye on ur kids evrytime .. and don
t let this happen to ur child. its the hardest thing which can happen to parents!

about pzs:

the pzs was dedicated to my daughter since the beginning and of couse pzs will be developed and will be ready sometimes. and of couse it now should be the best zs ever (in memory of my daughter). just be patient until i find the time to go on!!!

ps: since i have some probs with money, evrybody who wanna spent money for pzs can do this via the paypal link in pzs readme. evry money will be for grave/flowers for my daughter and not for any other things. the foto shows my little (now dead) daughter.
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